Website The structured finance team at Dr.GERMANY works seamlessly with our Investment Banking   and Wealth management Division to assist clients in raising capital through  unconventional means and to create low risk investment products for our investors. Given the current credit dilemma, where risk aversion and non-direct exposure on projects or corporations is prevalent, our team incessantly devises new innovative solutions to mitigate and spread a project’s risk across various financial institutions.

preguntas para mujeres solteras OUR STRUCTURED   finance experts work with acclaimed banking institutions, world development funds, export credit agencies, insurance companies and governmental institutions to issue financial risk instruments/ contracts and assist in raising low cost capital for our clients while also accounting for the risk appetite of our investors.

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annonce rencontre en alsace                 OUR group core competence is the ability to access debt capital markets to generate liquidity via credit enhancement and to customize financial structures based on the parameters identified by our investors.